HKBU Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021

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Hong Kong Baptist University Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021 comprehensively summarises the University’s activities and initiatives that have contributed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our General Education (GE) Programme provides various courses and activities to achieve those goals. For example,


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GCAP3076 Service-learning in Fighting Poverty and GTSU2007 Fighting Poverty and Striving for a Sustainable Society deepen our students’ understanding of ending poverty in all its forms everywhere. GTSU2027 Tax: Answer for Wealth Inequality and
GTSU2046 Towards Evidence-based Solutions to Our Social Problems also enhance students' awareness of poverty alleviation. 


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GE Sharing Series Session: Challenges and Rewards of Learning Across Disciplines:Insights from Teachers and Students invited both teachers and students to share their thoughts on GE courses and reflect on their teaching and learning effectiveness in order to optimise education quality. 



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GTCU2036 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship engage students in social issues and to bring positive societal changes through social innovation and social entrepreneurship to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.


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GTSU2056 People and the Environment and GTSU2047 Walkability of a City boost students' awareness and understanding of the interaction between humans and the environment.GCAP3196 Building Sustainable Cities (Interdisciplinary Independent Study) and GCAP3215 Art and the Community familiarise students and stakeholders in the community to develop and build a sustainable city.


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GFVM1056 Evil Business? Psychology, Politics and Philosophy of Business Ethics , GTSU2037 Sustainability through Digitalization: Active and Responsible Citizens in the Digital World and GTSU2057 Sustainable Design Thinking promote the concept of responsible consumption and production.



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