General Education Committee

Membership Composition




A Senior Academic Prof. WONG, Ricky N S




Chairperson of Quality Assurance Committee (ex officio) Dr. CHAU, Albert W L
Director of Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning Dr. KWONG, Theresa F N
Academic Registrar Prof. WONG, Ricky N S
Director of Student Affairs Dr. TANG, Rosa (Acting)
Head of Language Centre Dr. LI, Cissy Y X
Programme Director of “The Art of Persuasion” Dr. HUANG, Michelle Z P
Director of Centre for Innovative Service-Learning Dr. LAM, Lisa
Director of General Education Prof. CHIU, Sung Nok



8 representatives (experienced academic / teaching staff who also serve as the Programme Director / Department Head), one from each Faculty nominated by the Dean


Faculty of Arts Prof. ZHANG, Ellen Ying
School of Business Dr. WONG, Kin Ming
School of Chinese Medicine Dr. ZHANG, Shi Ping
School of Communication  Dr. HUANG, Michelle Z P
School of Continuing Education Dr. CHENG, Benjamin K L
Faculty of Science Prof. LING, Leevan
Faculty of Social Sciences Dr. SIU, Kaxton
School of Creative Arts Mr. BENZ, Peter



2 Student Members of the Senate  
President, Students’ Union Miss CHAN, Tiffany (Acting)
Senate Student Member Miss SIN, Hau Ting



Assistant Director of General Education Dr. TSE, Angela

Last updated in July 2022