HKBU students taking CityU GE courses

Courses offered by CityU in Semester B, 2023/24


NOTE 1: To ensure smooth study scheduling, HKBU students are strongly recommended to enroll in courses according to your Study Schedule during the Pre-registration exercise at HKBU


NOTE 2: The number of seats are limited. A first-come-first-served distribution method will be adopted and priority will be given to those students who have never been enrolled in the Scheme before.


NOTE 3: According to the immigration policy, non-local students should obtain No Objection Letter (NOL) issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD) if they wish to take course at other institutions. In view of the tight schedule of the Scheme and long processing time required by the ImmD, applications from non-local students would NOT be accepted.


For the full list of GE courses offered by CityU for HKBU students, please refer to:


Full List of CityU GE Courses for HKBU Students



Application Procedures & Details

29 Nov - 11 Dec 2023

5 Jan 2024

  • Release of result – Students will be informed by CityU through email.

15 Jan 2024

  • Semester starts at CityU

By 4pm, 22 Jan 2024

  • If students would like to apply for exceeding 18 units, please obtain approval from the Department Head/ Programme Director during the course add/drop period. Please click here for details.
  • Deadline for applying for dropping CityU GE courses (if applicable) – Applications should be submitted to CityU TED in written format.
  • Late applications will not be entertained.

Important Information to Note

  1. Students admitted to a course will be officially registered as a visiting/special student at CityU.
  2. Students will not be registered in a specific programme of study or attached to a specific academic department. Their study at CityU will not lead to a degree or other awards. Students are required to participate fully in the course, which includes completion of coursework and examinations, if applicable.
  3. Apart from the library, students from HKBU are not entitled to use other University’s facilities and services, including computing, sports, medical and dental. Despite the above, they can still make special requests to access the University’s computing facilities and services via TED of CityU if so required by the courses they are taking.
  4. Waiver of fees will be granted to students. Students are not entitled to any financial awards or assistance offered by CityU.
  5. During the study at CityU, students should observe both the rules and regulations prescribed by CityU and HKBU.
  1. Upon completion of a course, students will be able to check their course grade on the online system of CityU.
  2. Upon completion of courses in each semester, a transcript from CityU will be sent to the students via HKBU.


  1. Upon completion of courses with satisfactory grade (C or above), HKBU students may apply for transfer of units with the official transcript of CityU. Students will receive the detailed instructions and application form through email after the grade result is released.
  2. Units gained under this Scheme can be counted towards the GE requirements. Alternatively, the units can be transferred as free electives, subject to the approval from the students' respective departments.
  3. Units transferred from CityU are recorded without inclusion in the grade point average (GPA) calculation
  4. The decision as to how the grades should be used and whether credit transfer will be granted is the sole discretion of HKBU.


Will the GE Units at CityU be counted in the grade point average (GPA) calculation?

No. GE Units transferred from CityU will NOT be included in the GPA calculation.

Can the GE units at CityU be transferred to HKBU?

Yes. You may apply for transfer of GE units if you have attained at least grade C or above in the selected CityU course(s). Application should be submitted to the GE Office after you receive the official transcript issued by CityU.

Can I take GE courses at CityU as free electives?

Yes, you can take the CityU GE courses as free electives. The application should be submitted to your department for approval.

How many GE courses can I take at CityU?

Each student can only take one GE course at CityU in each semester. There is no limits for the total number of GE courses a student can take at CityU.

Should I spare 3 units to apply for the GE course at CityU during the pre-registration exercise at HKBU?

No, you are strongly recommended to enroll in courses according to your Study Schedule during the pre-registration exercise at HKBU first.

If I pre-register all the courses at HKBU according to my Study Schedule with no units remaining, can I still apply for the GE courses at CityU?

Yes, you can. The enrollment of CityU courses and the pre-registration exercise at HKBU are two separate processes. You may apply for the GE course at CityU regardless of the number of credits remaining in your Study Schedule.

I have enrolled in 18 units of courses at HKBU. And then if I successfully enroll in a GE course at CityU, do I have to apply for excess study load for the semester? When should I apply for it?

Yes. You have to obtain approval from the Department Head/ Programme Director for exceeding 18 units during the HKBU’s add/ drop period. For detailed procedures, please refer to

If the class time of the CityU course clashes with a course I have registered at HKBU, what should I do?

You can: A) Drop or change the HKBU course during the Course Add/Drop period of HKBU; or B) Apply for dropping the CityU GE course (not recommended).

How can I drop the GE course at CityU after I have been admitted to it?
You have to fill in and submit the “Course Drop Form for HKBU students” to CityU TED in person in written format before the deadline specified in the timeline above. Legitimate reasons should be provided with proofs. After the deadline, no applications will be entertained. The “Course Drop Form for HKBU Students” is available for downloading on this webpage.



General Education Office (GEO), Hong Kong Baptist University
Phone: 3411-2864 (Mr Basil Cheung)
Address: AAB805, 8/F, Academic & Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus, Kowloon Tong


Talent and Education Development Office (TED), City University of Hong Kong
Phone: 3442-5746
Address: Room B5-119, 5/F, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, No. 83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong