GE Teaching Award


Nominations will be accepted at the beginning of each academic year. In the case that only one nomination is received for an award category, the Selection Panel may cancel the selection process and recommend the nominee to compete for the award in the next academic year.


Nomination Eligibility

  • All full-time academic and teaching staff (excluding visiting staff and members of the Selection Panel) who have been teaching/have taught GE course(s) in the past three years by the closing date for nomination can be nominated for the Award;
  • Both self-nomination and nominations by colleagues, students or alumni are welcome;
  • A colleague should only be nominated for one category of Award in each round of the exercise;
  • Awardees may be nominated again for the same award after a winning period of three years;
  • If awardees are nominated for the same award again, only their accomplishments after receiving the last Award will be considered;
  • For the nomination of Early Career Teaching Award, colleagues should have no more than five years of teaching experience in higher education institutions (including service in other tertiary education institutions) by the closing date for nomination;
  • For the nomination of Team Teaching Award, the team should have a minimum of two and a maximum of five members, including at least one full-time teaching staff member (as team leader). Non-teaching staff and teaching support staff can be team members.

For further details, please refer to the following webpages:


Nomination Forms