General Education Committee

Terms of Reference
  1. To promote Whole Person Education through the development and maintenance of the University Core (UC) curriculum and General Education (GE) Programme within the University,
  2. To develop policies and practices for implementing and monitoring the UC curriculum and GE Programme. As appropriate, to submit proposals for the introduction and revision of policies and procedures to the Senate for approval via the Quality Assurance Committee,
  3. To review periodically the courses under the UC curriculum and GE Programme, to make recommendations for changes in the content or teaching/assessment strategy, and to approve the addition and deletion of courses within the University prescribed requirements for the UC curriculum and GE Programme,
  4. To keep under review resource needs of all kinds across the University that are needed to ensure proper implementation of the UC curriculum and GE Programme,
  5. To oversee the course/teaching provisions from various academic units within the University concerning the UC curriculum and GE Programme,
  6. To take up such other relevant issues as may be referred to the Committee by the Quality Assurance Committee, Senate or the University academic leadership,
  7. To submit an annual report to the Senate (via the Quality Assurance Committee) at the end of the academic year.


Last updated in September 2018