GE Teaching Award


Nomination Form (Individual & Early Career)

Nomination Form (Team Teaching)


Submission of Documents

Nominees are required the submit the following documents together with the nomination form to us by email to by the deadline:


  1. An updated curriculum vitae (in no more than 1,600 words);
  2. A teaching portfolio including a statement of GE teaching philosophy with specific references made to the selection criteria (in no more than 2,000 words);
  3. Evidence-based materials such as Course Feedback Questionnaire and other input from students showing the impact of teaching on students’ learning outcomes and its application to other disciplines (in no more than 800 words);
  4. An official course plan or teaching plan of the GE course(s);
  5. Evidence-based materials such as class videos recorded with Echo360 or other e-learning tools showing the class dynamics of the GE course(s) (optional)
  6. For team nomination only:
    Materials on demonstration of impact of the collaborative work on the development of effective teaching practice, and the role and percentage contribution of each of the team members (in no more than 800 words)


If you have any difficulties downloading the files, please contact us by email.