Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This course aims to engage students in social issues and to bring positive societal changes through social innovation and social entrepreneurship, and to empower students from diverse backgrounds to grow into aspiring social entrepreneurs. Students are encouraged to work together to develop innovative solutions to address real-world social problems using concepts and theories from the fields of marketing and sociology.


This course begins with an overview of social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and examples from other countries, including how entrepreneurial and social value creation concepts will be used to examine, diagnose, and address the social problems. It also proceeds to a discussion of frameworks and tools from marketing and sociology that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness, impact, value, and sustainability of social innovations that are designed to solve the social problems. This course also focuses on managing the growth of a social venture and maximizing its impact. By the end of the course, students will apply the concepts they have learnt in creating a viable and sustainable social venture plan.


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