People and the Environment

By examining the relationship between people and the Earth system in the context of contemporary environmental issues, this course provides a comprehensive overview of human-environment interactions from a geographic perspective. The academic discipline of geography has a heritage of examining the relationship between people and the natural environment. This course introduces the fundamental processes that affect the physical environment to provide a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between humans and the environment. Emphasis is placed on equipping students with a critical perspective to understand human beings in environmental change and the impact of the change on the society as feedback, which requires the comprehension of concepts in physical geography and the human dynamic. The environmental issues examined vary from global warming to local environmental problems. Group projects and discussions will complement lectures to motivate students to evaluate the environmental issues in an interdisciplinary approach by linking the knowledge of their discipline with geography. Through analysing real-world examples, this course promotes students’ awareness and understanding of the interaction of humans and the environment, and facilitates students to become responsible citizens to develop sustainable communities.


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