Sustainability through Digitalization: Active and Responsible Citizens in the Digital World

This course aims to introduce how sustainable development can be achieved with the aid of information technologies. This course materials are organized into three themes. The first theme (understanding digital sustainability) discusses basic concepts of digitalization, digitization and digital sustainability. The second theme (realizing digital sustainability) provides students with insights of how state-of-the-art digital innovations can be used at the individual level (e.g. health management, sustainable urban mobility, etc.), the societal level (e.g. smart cities, sustainable product development, digital divide, etc.) and the International community level (e.g. globalization, sustainable energy, gender equality, etc.) to facilitate sustainable development. The third theme (identifying prevention and intervention strategies to cope with the challenges to digital sustainability) highlights the strategies that cope with the challenges in realizing digital sustainability. This course adopts several lively approaches designed to enhance the teaching of relevant facts and concepts. By engaging students in a variety of in-class activities such as video watching, case studies and guest talks, students will be mindful how sustainability can be achieved through digitalization.


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