Building Sustainable Cities (Interdisciplinary Independent Study)

This is an independent study course.


The course aims to familiarise students with how government, the private sector, and other actors can support sustainable urban development. The course is based on the MOOC “Sustainable Cities” offered by the United Nations Sustainable Solutions Development Network which is free to enroll on the edX Platform. If the MOOC is offered as part of a GE Capstone Independent Study at the HKBU, the Heinrich Boel Foundation will invite three-four experts  in the sustainability of Hong Kong to visit the HKBU and conduct a workshop on the contents of the MOOC with the enrolled students. Heinrich Boel Foundation will further cover the expenses of the students’ MOOC certificates and the costs of the enrolled students’ conduct of research within Hong Kong. . The enrolled students will work on a project of a topic of their choice and either produce a paper on their project or produce a video.


The course enrolment should be capped at 30. Projects will be done in teams of five to six students.


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