Evil Business? Psychology, Politics and Philosophy of Business Ethics

This course uses an integrated interdisciplinary approach to explore and examine ethical issues in business or caused by business activities. An integrated interdisciplinary approach highlights the importance of cognitive development in which students are given ample opportunities to experience the world through a variety of perspectives in explaining various contemporary business ethics topics including consumer rights, big data and AI, labour rights, environmental sustainability and the financial market. Moral theory and moral reasoning help students analyse the ethical dimensions/dilemmas in everyday life.


This course presents a broad spectrum of moral decision-making frameworks and show how they can be applied to various settings influenced by business activities. Fundamental tenets for effective decision making such as morality, legality, responsibility, utilitarianism, rights and justice are covered. The course also aims to enhance students’ ethical awareness and to facilitate the development of a sense of moral judgment and obligation. Emphasis will be placed on applying moral thinking to problems induced by business activities.


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