HKBU Sustainability Report 2022

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Hong Kong Baptist University Sustainability Report 2022 comprehensively summarises the University’s activities and initiatives that have contributed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our General Education (GE) Programme provides various courses and activities to achieve those goals. For example,


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GCAP3076 Service-Learning in Fighting Poverty explores poverty issues through lectures and community engagement.



GFHC1046 An Introduction to Gender, Class and Race allows students to conduct oral history interviews in groups, engage in archival research individually, and examine the history of Hong Kong’s textile industry through the lenses of gender, class, and race.


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GCAP3166 Financial Planning: A Pre-emptive Measure to Various Social Issues helps students realise the importance of personal financial planning to their future and have a flavour of the social impact should they not do it properly.


GCAP3135 Sports and Disability in the Hong Kong Chinese Media leads students to dissect the social and cultural dimensions of the challenges that para-athletes face and reflect on what role sports reporting can play in addressing these issues and bringing potential changes.



GCAP3125 Doxxing, Privacy and Current Issues covers the disciplines of law, journalism and social science, aiming at developing students' awareness of doxing as a social issue and their ability to tackle it with a multi-disciplinary approach. In addition, having witnessed a growing interest in sustainability and SDGs in recent years, in a sharing session organised by the GE office in Nov 2021, Ms Benita Chick of Encompass HK was invited to share her experience with faculty members on ways to achieve effective community engagement and suggested ways to enhance experiential learning and service-learning opportunities at HKBU. 


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