Evaluation of New GE Level 3 Course Proposals


As approved by the GE Committee, each new GE course proposal will be evaluated by external reviewers from local and overseas institutions, and be given a score based on the following aspects: (Click here for the Sample Review Reports.)


Aspect Weighting  
A. Alignment with GE PILOs 5%
B. Alignment with GE Capstone aims 10%

C. Course content


D. Teaching & learning activities


E. Assessment methods




F. Bonus points awarded to inter-departmental collaboration

Additional 10%

G. How the course addresses the Prevailing Needs of UG and HKBU Associated with GE Level 3 Capstone Courses

Comments only



Aspect Description
A + B

1. The Course Intended Learning Outcome (CILOs) are aligned with the GE Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs) and matched with the aims of GE Capstone.

(*Note: A course does not need to fulfil all PILOs and GE Capstone aims)


1. The scope of the course content is appropriate for a GE course and is not overly specialised.

2. The course has appropriate academic rigour.


The teaching and learning strategies described:

1. are appropriate to achieve the CILOs;

2. represent sound pedagogical approaches for GE courses;

3. facilitate active learning; and

4. reflect adequate variety and student engagement to hold the interest of diverse students.


1. The assessment tasks are appropriate measures of CILOs.

2. The assessment tasks and teaching and learning activities provide opportunities for both formative and summative feedback to students.

3. There is an appropriate diversity of assessment tasks utilised in the course.

4. The assessments tasks themselves may promote further learning.


The Interdepartmental Collaboration:

1. enhances the interdisciplinarity of course content;          
2. facilitates teaching and learning activities; and     
3. contributes to effective assessment design.    


Last update on 8 March 2024