GE Teaching Award

Award Recipients
Dr Martin Chung
AY2021/22 Individual

Assistant Professor, Department of Government and International Studies (GIS)

Associate Coordinator of GIS Programme
Faculty of Social Sciences
Hong Kong Baptist University


Office: AAB 1113
Office number: (852) 3411-5731





Research Interests

  1. Peace and Reconciliation Processes : Europe and East Asia
  2. Transitional Justice
  3. Religion and Politics
  4. European Integration
Brief Biography

Dr. C. K. Martin Chung (PhD in European Studies; The University of Hong Kong) has been a GE teacher at Hong Kong Baptist University since 2014. He was Research Assistant Professor at the European Union Academic Programme (EUAP) Hong Kong when he started teaching “The World of Contemporary Europe”. He is now Assistant Professor and Associate Coordinator of the Government and International Studies (GIS) Programme at HKBU, and Visiting Scholar at Queen’s University Belfast in the United Kingdom. He pioneered the new GE course “Sustainable Peace: Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation of Divided Communities” in 2021 with mixed-mode simulation exercises. Previously, he has taught five other major elective courses at the GIS Department and has been awarded three internal teaching grants. As a researcher on the legacies of mass atrocities and prolonged conflicts in Europe, he strives to connect teaching and research from course design to thesis supervision. He is a commentator on European affairs and gives occasional lectures on the Holocaust (

Recognition from the Selection Panel

Dr Chung is now teaching GTSU2026 Sustainable Peace: Conflict-Resolution and Reconciliation of Divided Communities (Level 2 Interdisciplinary Thematic Course), and was an instructor of GDSS1055 The World of Contemporary Europe in the old GE programme. The Panel acknowledged Dr Chung’s continued contribution to GE and his high teaching efficiency.


Dr Chung adopted a unique teaching strategy, underscoring the importance of research-led teaching and learning. It would serve as a good pedagogical model to connect teaching and research on conflict resolution in his course, as well as other interdisciplinary GE courses. He also highlighted an online “Avatar-pairing” teaching method, which featured the strong engagement of local and international students. It represented innovative mixed-mode teaching under the era of the new normal. The Panel was impressed by and appreciative of this interactive method.


The Panel appreciated Dr Chung’s active participation and involvement in GE-related activities, such as sharing his good teaching practice in a cross-university symposium, and his contribution to the Students-as-Partners Scheme organized by the GE office to achieve the University’s strategic goal of delivering the best student experience. The Panel was pleased to see the positive feedback from students about Dr. Chung’s teaching, as well as his impact on them.


The Panel recommended Dr Chung to receive the GE Teaching Award (Individual) to honor his excellent performance, and believed he would continue to make sustained impact on GE through his exemplary teaching and dedication to offering best student experience.