GE Teaching Award

Award Recipients
Ms Eliza Xue
AY2020/21 Honourable Mention

Category - Individual


Lecturer, Department of Accountancy and Law
School of Business


Office: WLB 604
Office number: (852) 3411-8046



LL.M. (King’s College London)


Research Interests

  1. Commercial law
  2. Corporate law
  3. Legal history and culture
Brief Biography

Ms Eliza Xue is a lecturer in the Department of Accountancy & law, Hong Kong Baptist University. Apart from teaching the core law subjects in the School of Business, she has been engaging in teaching the GE course, namely Law & Humanities, which is the interdisciplinary course designed by Eliza herself with an ambition to arouse students’ awareness and appreciation of spirits of law and humanity. Eliza has a wide range of research interest which runs across commercial law, corporate law, equity and legal history, and she’s published articles in a variety of peer-reviewed journals and made presentations in conferences at both national and international level. Parallel to her teaching and research, Eliza also provides her member service in a range of legal professional societies, including the the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS, UK) and the Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA, UK). 

Recognition from the Selection Panel

Mrs Xue is now teaching GTSU2017 Law and Humanities (Level 2 Interdisciplinary Thematic Courses). The Panel was impressed with Mrs Xue’s understanding of the philosophy of GE which she has effectively implemented in her course design and delivery. She adopted various stimulating pedagogies to help students expand their perspectives from the narrow corner of their own disciplines, and reflect on history for improvement of their future endeavours. Mrs Xue proactively engaged in the Students-as-Partners scheme organized by GE Office to exemplify the University’s aspiration of achieving best student experience. The guidance from the peers’ perspectives on the students’ research projects provided by the partner students was much appreciated by our students. The student partners also designed the course reflection journal for teaching, which helped make the course more “student-friendly”.


In her submission and presentation to the Panel, Mrs Xue demonstrated how she had taught GTSU2017 Law and Humanities. This course aims to involve students in a contextualized discussion of major issues related to the law, and offers them an interdisciplinary understanding of the relationships among the issues in shaping a law-governed and humanity-oriented sustainable community. Mrs Xue provided her students multiple opportunities to explore subjects through a variety of modes of learning. These included tailor-made course anthology, cross-discipline discussion, weekly reflection and field trips, opening up students’ ability to turn knowledge into an experience.


With Mrs Xue’s creative and inspiring pedagogies, the Panel recommended Mrs Xue to receive the GE Teaching Award (Individual) – Honorable Mention to recognize her successful effort and very good contributions to the development of effective teaching and learning.