Volunteer Training x T-Shirt Yarn Coaster Workshop 「織織杯墊」舊TEE改造x義工體驗工作坊


Do you know what can you do with an old T-Shirt?

You are going to learn how to make a simple and pretty coaster with an old T-Shirt with a group of ex-mentally ill people. Let’s upcycle old stuff to reduce the burden of our Earth. Through volunteer training, you will also learn the basic concepts and importance of mental wellness as well as the skills of communicating with ex-mentally ill people.


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Event & Registration Details

Sponsored Session 19 Sep 2017 (Tue)
Time 15:00 – 18:00 (3 hours)
Venue RRS401, Wofoo Foundation Amelia Lee Student Centre, Ho Sin Hang Campus, HKBU (next to Hang Seng Bank)
  • Through volunteer training, you will learn:
    • The basic concepts of being a volunteer;
    • How to make good use of your strengths and skills in the voluntary activities;
    • The basic concepts and importance of mental wellness;
    • The skills of communicating with ex-mentally ill people.
  • Making a coaster with an old T-Shirt;
  • Promoting the idea of inclusion and reducing bias towards the ex-mentally ill people by getting in touch with them;
  • Learning skills to enhance both mental and physical health through experiential activities, sharing, and reflections.


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This activity will be conducted  in Cantonese  and is a  CCL-recognized event .
Participants will receive a  Certificate of Attendance which is issued by the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association  upon completion of the workshop.

Fee Full Sponsorship (Deposit: HKD$50)
Eligibility Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU
Registration Method From 4 Sep to 8 Sep 2017 (Mon to Fri), bring along your student ID card and pay $50 deposit in cash at the GE Office (AAB805, 10am to 12:45pm, 2:30pm to 5:45pm). The deposit will be refunded to students who attend the activity and submit reflective journals on time. Limited quotas. First come, first served!
Remarks: To let more students learn about the importance of mental wellness and the methods of upcycling, each student can only register for one activity under the “New Life Series”.
Registration Deadline 5:45pm, 8 Sep 2017 (Fri)
Important Notes Please refer to the GE Off Campus webpage.

Please prepare 1-2 old t-shirts for the Event.

Enquiry Shirley 3411 2864 / Alison 3411 2049 / ge@hkbu.edu.hk


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