[Postponed] GE Day: Appreciation of General Education


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Date:  14 February 2020 (Fri) [Postponed]


  • 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. (AM Session)
  • 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. (PM Session)

Venue: TriAngle (David C Lam Building 306)


GE Teacher Sharing: Good Teaching and Learning Practices in Interdisciplinary General Education: Innovation and Engagement


In this sharing, Prof. Stephen Palmquist and Ms Vicky Man (Recipient of General Education Teaching Award AY2018/19) will share their good practices in developing and delivering general education. Based on their experience, they will highlight the difficulties encountered and how they overcame them.


Two speakers will share more in the dialogue session, which will be facilitated by Prof. Arthur Mak, Asso VP (Student Experience). You will get to know more about the role of general education in social innovation. We believe that innovative and engaging Teaching and Learning practices will foster interdisciplinary learning and social engagement of students.


GE Outstanding Students Award Ceremony cum
Alumni Sharing: Vision of GE 視點通識


Sponsored by HKBU Century Club, the GE Outstanding Students Award is designed to award the students who have excellent academic results in GE courses, active participation in GE activities and enthusiastic community service. Recipients of the GE Outstanding Students Award will receive the awards and share stories of their active participation in school life and their personal growth.


Followed by the award presentation, Mr. Pang Tak Cheung will share his university life and how it helped him achieve the personal goals. After giving a speech, Mr. Pang will share his view on the role of GE in social innovation during the dialogue session. Participants will know more about how GE engages students in social issues and brings positive changes through social innovation or innovative ideas.


List of Awardees (AY2019/20)

Name Programme (Year)
Mr BAKUBAY Gassyr BSc (Computer Science) (Year 3)
  • BA in Chinese Language and Literature
  • Diploma in Education (Year 4)
Ms GAO Yujiao Vita BBA (Human Resources Management) (Year 3)
Mr LAM Ho Wai Ivan Bachelor of Social Work (Year 3)
Mr TAM Ming Yat Jonathan
  • BA in English Language and Literature
  • BEd in English Language Teaching (Year 3)
Ms WANG Leyao BA in Chinese Language and Literature (Year 2)


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For enquiries, please contact Miss Jacqueline Chik at 3411 2049 or Miss Hazel Chow at 3411 2014.