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Opening Ceremony of GE Office on eNews 通識教育處正式開幕 推動全人教育發展



With the constant support and hard work of both internal and external parties, we are delighted to announce that the General Education Office has been set up. Officiated by Mr. William Leung (Council Treasurer), Prof Albert Chan (President & Vice-Chancellor), Mr. Andy Lee (Vice President for Administration), and Prof. Rick Wong (Vice President for Research and Development), a wonderful opening ceremony was held on the 28th September, 2011.


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Message to all honored guests and friends

I am delighted to welcome you all to the opening ceremony of the General Education Office. It is another memorable day in the history of our university. With dedication and commitment from many who are here, we embark on another journey in the life of this institution.


This office is going to be a symbol of the ideals of Hong Kong Baptist University which is embedded in the ethos of Whole Person Education. Our General Education or liberal education will play in important role in achieving the goals of the Whole Person Education.


As Charlotte Mason, a British educator aptly put it “A liberal education is, like justice, liberty, fresh air, the natural birthright of every child”. With general or liberal education we give to our students the birthright to education, and we hope to engage them in realizing their dreams of an education that matters to them, their families, their society, and the world community.


I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to be with us on this occasion. We seek your continuing support of our General Education Programme as we move forward.


Let us celebrate the beginning of new chapter for our university.


A. Reza Hoshmand,
Director of General Education