GE Sharing Series AY2021/22 Semester 2 – Session 2: Writing Across GE: Preparing Students for Writing a Linguistics Research Group Paper Step by Step

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In this presentation, Dr. Meilin Chen (Language Centre, HKBU) will share her experience in preparing students for a corpus-assisted research group project and writing a group paper. Dr. Chen will also discuss how teaching and learning tasks can be scaffolded, and in what ways language research can be made accessible to students of all levels and disciplines. While carrying out independent research in linguistics and writing a research paper may sound complicated to many undergraduate students, Dr. Chen will show us different types of tasks which could be adopted to guide students throughout the whole research journey. She will also show how research paper templates could be integrated into teaching to better prepare students for the group paper writing.

The details are as follows:

Date: 28 March 2022 (Monday)
Time: 3 - 4 p.m.
Format: via Zoom

Registration: Here