GE Pilot Course Promotion 1st Round


GE Pilot Course Promotion – 2011/2012 Sem 2 – 1st Round


22-25/11/2011@HSH Campus, Shaw Campus & BUR Campus

During the early-registration period for the 2nd semester of 2011/12, we played a little game to let the students know there were 8 new GE pilot courses. We raised out reflective and interesting questions which were about the issues that the course would talk about. Students were then invited to post their answers on our Facebook Page. Prizes were given to the students who completed first.


More game will be held on our Facebook Page, so make sure you stay close with us to get the first hand information of GE courses and join our games!


Our Facebook page:




Pilot Courses for 2011/12 Semester 2

The 8 new pilot courses are:


  • Life Style, Chinese Literature, Mass Culture (CHI1210)
  • Biotechnology, Altering Nature, and Being Human (RP1520/BIOL1520)
  • Media Literacy in a Changing Society (COMM1270)
  • Public Speaking (ORGC1240)
  • Improvisation Comedy forBetter Linguistic Awareness (ENG1270)*
  • Environmental Principles and Ethics (BIOL1630)
  • Speaking of Statistics (MATH1720)
  • Nano-Living:Impact of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (PHYS1650)*


Click to view the larger image or download the leaflet in PDF here.


* ENG1270 & PHYS1650 were later cancelled. (Remarks as at Jan 2012)