GE Off Campus: Starting from the Terminal of Life 在人生的終點站出發



“Death is very likely the single best invention of life,”


addressed by the late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs. Understanding that life is short and unpredictable would prompt one to cherish more the people and things around and endeavor to live a satisfying life. Life Journey Centre enables you to experience the taste of “aging” and “death” at your young age, inspiring you to live with no regrets in your one-way life journey.


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Event & Registration Details

Sponsored Session 10 Nov 2018 (Sat)
Time 2:00 – 6:00pm (Call Time: 2:00pm)

F42, 1/F, Oi Man Plaza, Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(Gather at the entrance of the Centre; Map:

  • Participants will experience the journey of life in four specifically designed zones by means of multi-media games, audio-visual effect and a coffin-like compartment, and re-think what is meant by “young”, “old”, and “death”.
  • Life educators will conduct debriefing sessions after the journey, guiding participants to reflect on the treasure of time and people around.
  • The activity will inspire and enrich participants’ understanding of life journey, and bring a perception change of the negative stereotypes of “aging”, thus promoting social harmony.


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This activity will be conducted mainly in  Cantonese  and is a  CCL-recognized event .

Fee HKD$100 (Full sponsorship granted to student who attend the activity and meet the requirement)
Eligibility Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU
Registration Method From 26 Oct (Fri) to 8 Nov (Thur), bring along your student ID card and pay HKD$100 in cash as the fee at the GE Office (AAB805, 10am to 12:45pm, 2:30pm to 5:45pm). Full sponsorship of HKD$100 will be granted to students who attend the activity punctually and submit reflective journals by 23 Nov (Fri). Limited quotas. First come, first served!
Registration Deadline 5:45pm, 8 Nov 2018 (Thur)
Important Notes Please refer to the GE Off Campus webpage.


*Considering the unique nature of the experiential tour, we DO NOT recommend the following people to join:
With heart disease or related diseases; with Claustrophobia; mental illness; moderate or severe mental retardation; severe autism; pregnant; sick / with fever / taken drugs or alcoholic drinks before the activity
* Participants are required to arrive at the meeting point on time by themselves.
* All participants have to follow tour guides’ instructions. No participant is allowed to leave the tour midway.
* If there is bad weather, participants will be notified of cancellation or postponement via phone 2 hours before the event.


Reflective Journal Details

Content Upload 1 photo taken at the event and write a caption of at least 50 words to describe your thoughts/feelings from the event.
Submission Deadline 10:00am, 23 Nov 2018 (Fri)
Submission Method Step 1: On your Facebook “Status”, upload 1 photo taken at the event and write a caption of at least 50 words to describe your thoughts/feelings from the activity. Set the privacy for Public view. At the end of the status, add the following sentence:


GE Off Campus event “Starting from the Terminal of Life” #geoffcampus #gehkbu
Step 2: Visit “General Education at HKBU” Facebook Page and click “Message” (top right corner). State your contact information and the posting time of your Reflective Journal as follows:


GE Off Campus event “Starting from the Terminal of Life”
I have posted the Reflective Journal on my own Facebook Status at (8:30pm, 10 Nov 2018).
Name: (Chan Tai Man)
Student no.: (18123456)
Confirmation email and/or Facebook message will be sent within 2 weeks.
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