GE Off Campus: Ceramic Art.Experience 「陶」冶性情 – 陶藝雕塑體驗工作坊



Ceramics are always playing an auxiliary role in our daily lives.”
“You need to relax your shoulders and work slowly to make a ceramic masterpiece.”


Ceramic art is related to our daily lives which helps cultivate our creativity as well as relax our mind and soul.
In this ceramic workshop, let us learn how to slow down and turn a piece of mud into containers or
sculptures of different shapes by learning basic ceramic hand-building techniques, appropriate use of pottery tools and application of glazes, in order to develop aesthetic sensibility towards arts in life.


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Event & Registration Details

Sponsored Session 10 Mar 2018 (Sat)
Time 10:30 – 13:30 (3 hours)
Venue Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC), 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei
(Shek Kip Mei MTR Station Exit C, 5-8 mins walk, Map)
  • Learn basic ceramic hand-building techniques: pinching, coiling and slab building
  • Learn the use of different kinds of pottery tools and application of glazes
  • Make various forms of ceramic containers or sculptures with a lump of clay

* Note: Participants’ works will be dried, bisque fired and glazed by the instructor. Participants can come to General Education Office (AAB805) and collect their own ceramic artworks around four weeks after the workshop.


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This activity will be conducted  in Cantonese  and is a  CCL-recognized event .

Fee HK$100 and deposit HK$50
Eligibility Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU
Registration Method From 22 Feb to 2 Mar 2018, bring along your student ID card and pay HK$150 in cash at the GE Office (AAB805, Mon to Fri, 10am to 12:30pm, 2:30pm to 5:50pm). The deposit (HK$50) will be refunded to students who attend the activity and submit reflective journals on time. Limited quotas. First come, first served!
Registration Deadline 5:50pm, 2 Mar 2017 (Fri)
Important Notes Please refer to the GE Off Campus webpage.


Reflective Journal Details

Content Upload 2 photos taken at the event (one for the production process and one for the finished product) and write a caption of at least 50 words to describe your thoughts/feelings towards the workshop.
Submission Deadline 11:59pm, 19 Mar 2018 (Mon)
Submission Method Step 1: On your Facebook “Status”, upload 2 photos taken at the event and write a caption of at least 50 words to describe your thoughts/feelings from the activity. Set the privacy for Public view. At the end of the status, add the following sentence:


GE Off Campus event “Ceramic Art.Experience” #geoffcampus #gehkbu

Step 2: Visit “General Education at HKBU” Facebook Page and click “Message” (top right corner). State your contact information and the posting time of your Reflective Journal as follows:


GE Off Campus event “Ceramic Art.Experience”
I have posted the Reflective Journal on my own Facebook Status on (12 Mar 2018 6:30pm).
Name: (Chan Tai Man)
Student no.: (16123456)
Confirmation email and/or Facebook message will be sent within 2 weeks.
Enquiry Shirley 3411 2864 / Yoyo 3411 2049 /


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