[CCL Activity] CONNECT US! Explore, Enlighten and Empower through GE

CONNECT US!  Explore, Enlighten and Empower through GE



The 2nd round of the “CONNECT US – University Students and the Society” GE Student Assignment Competition was successfully held in AY2022-23 to recognise outstanding students’ achievement in GE courses.


In this sharing session, the awardees of the Competition will share their exceptional learning experiences across all 3 levels of GE courses, particularly how they developed a holistic understanding of real-world issues and devised innovative solutions by integrating knowledge from various disciplines in GE projects. Through their sharing, we will gain insights into how the GE Programme empowers our students to become the agents of change and the impact of interdisciplinary learning on their whole-person development.




1 November 2023 (Wednesday)


3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.


via Zoom (The link will be sent to you after successful registration)


Zoom Recording



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