The Development of the Community Impact Feedback Questionnaire for Service-Learning: A Delphi Study

February 2023 Metropolitan Universities 34(2):1-27

Project: Cross-institutional Capacity Building for Service-Learning in Hong Kong Higher Education Institutions

Authors: Mr. Calvin Lau (Assistant Manager (Education Research Analysis), GEO, HKBU) and Prof. Robin SNELL (Hang Seng University of Hong Kong)




Community impacts of service-learning have gone largely unexamined by researchers, partly because of the absence of a well-established feedback tool. This study is a step toward filling this research gap by developing and validating the Community Impact Feedback Questionnaire (CIFQ) as a means for collecting feedback from partner organization representatives (PORs) on the impacts of particular service-learning projects on community partner organizations (CPOs) and, where applicable, end-beneficiaries. The CIFQ contains items about three categories of impact on CPOs, corresponding to a conceptual model developed by Snell & Lau (2022). These are: a) achieving project goals to further the CPO's mission; b) augmenting resources of the CPO; and c) acquiring knowledge, insights, ideas, and techniques. There are also items on impacts for end-beneficiaries, overall impact evaluations, and future engagement. The CIFQ was validated with the Delphi method by inviting 16 practitioner panelists, mainly from CPOs, with prior involvement in service-learning. Three Delphi survey rounds helped refine the CIFQ as a tool for capturing the community impacts on CPOs and end beneficiaries arising from service-learning. Possible reasons for controversy and non-retention are discussed.


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