2022 Conference on Global Learning:A Virtual Learning Experience

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2022 Conference on Global Learning

Transforming Global Learning Practice: Time for Action


The field of global learning, like higher education more broadly, has undergone a necessary period of reflection amid recent social, economic, and public health crises. To address the uncomfortable realities that have been uncovered, educators across the United States and around the world are reframing global learning to emphasize the intentional inclusion of those who have been excluded; equitable and reciprocal forms of engagement; cultural readiness to facilitate meaningful interaction and learning; innovation and versatility in curricular design, and the situation of diversity, equity, and inclusion within global contexts.


While much has been gained from this reflection and reframing, it is now time for action. The 2022 Conference on Global Learning will explore ways to put this new framing into practice at institutions of all types. You can help!



AAC&U is now accepting proposals for presentations based upon the following topical tracks:

  • Intentional Alignment of Global Learning and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Innovation and Emerging Trends in Global Learning
  • Career and Cultural Readiness for Global Engagement
  • Civic Engagement in Global Contexts
  • Decolonization of Global Learning Practices and Experiences
  • Equity in Digital Global Learning
  • Educating for Democracy in a Global Context


Click here for more information about developing and submitting proposals. The deadline for submissions is June 13.


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