Service Leadership Education Project



Initiated by the General Education (GE) Office, the Service Leadership Education (SLE) project aims to develop in students the capacity to  deliver services with competence, character and care . GE courses incorporating the ideals of Service Leadership are purposely designed and delivered to build leadership competencies in our students. Ethical practices and the importance of positive social relationships are deeply emphasized to equip the students to be good service leaders. We hope that students can develop the valued characteristics of effective leaders, including empathy, openness in mind, being creative, socially responsible and reflective.

Upon completion of SLE courses, students should be able to:

  1. Explain the leadership capabilities aimed at ethically satisfying the needs of self, others, groups, communities, systems and environments;
  2. Explain the key elements of effective leadership and how it can be improved to provide exceptional service;
  3. Analyze different leadership models and how they impact quality of professional practices;
  4. Identify ways to improve his/her leadership capabilities with character and care in providing excellent service;
  5. Reflect and review ethical practices in their professional areas;
  6. Develop Service Leadership plans/business plans in an entrepreneurial spirit with the intent to make potential social impact.

Remarks: The intended learning outcomes of SLE courses are designed with reference to the Hong Kong Institute of Service Leadership & Management Limited (HKI‐SLAM) Curriculum Framework.

Features of SLE courses

List of SLE courses

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Student Manual of SLE course GDAR1887/GDSC1887
Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire [18 items]
Authentic leadership: Self-awareness, internalized moral perspective, balanced processing, relational transparency
Leader behavior checklist [9 leadership factors]
Personal leadership inventory
Service Leadership Initiative Platform
Emotional Intelligence

Writing Proposals

Faculty members will be invited to submit SLE course proposals which incorporate the elements of Service Leadership at a certain time during the academic year. As an incentive, subsidies will be provided to faculty members in the design and delivery of the courses.

For the details of submitting course proposals and applications, please click here.

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