University Life (U-Life)

(For Undergraduates Admitted From AY2013/14)

  • For students admitted in AY2012/13 or earlier, please click here for your U-Life Programme information.
  • For students directly admitted to Year 2 or 3, please click here for your completion dates and possible exemptions.

Workshops and activities in University Life (U-Life) programme aim to enhance students’ capabilities to face challenges and find solutions that come from academic or work environment. After completing this programme, students should be able to:

  1. Acquire the skills and knowledge that help them adapt to the new life at the University;
  2. Examine issues of academic integrity and global citizenship with an awareness of their communities;
  3. Develop leadership skills, communication skills and team work spirit that can be applied to their daily life;

In order to prepare for your new life at HKBU, you have to complete U-Life as a GE requirement. The course code is ULIF 1008-9.

U-Life = UOW x 3 + CCL x 8 + AIOT

The U-Life requirements are as follows:

To avoid penalties, you have to complete them before the deadlines specified below:

Admission year Deadlines Penalties
Requirement 1 & 2* Requirement 3
2017-18 May 31, 2019 May 31, 2018 If you fail to complete them before the deadlines, you may be barred from access to course grades, or enrolling for courses.
2016-17 May 31, 2018 May 31, 2017
2015-16 May 31, 2017 May 31, 2016

* If you join the exchange programme in Year 2 and study outside HKBU  for 1 or more semesters, the deadline will be extended accordingly.  In such cases, you will be required to complete the two requirements by the end of your 4th semester at HKBU. Please check with the GE Office or the Academic Registry for the exact deadline.


If you have any questions or suggestions for the activities, please contact us.

Phone: 3411-6478 (Virginia)

Requirement #1
U-Life Orientation Workshops (UOW)

The three U-Life Orientation Workshops (UOW) are:

You are required to attend UOW 1, 2 & 3 before the start of your 1st semester of study at the University.

Here is the schedule of workshops for freshmen of AY2017/18:

JUPAS & Non-JUPAS students
15-16 August, 2017 UOW 1
23 August, 2017 UOW 2 & 3
Mainland students
15-16 August, 2017 UOW 1
23 August, 2017 UOW 2 & 3

For the exact time and venue of the workshops, please login BUniPort, click the menu item – Studies > My Studies, and then expand the “Study Progression” folder of the “Registration and Progress” section. Then click ‘University Life Workshop Schedule’.

If you fail to attend any of them, or if you are late for more than 15 minutes, you are required to complete the make-up exercise(s) of the respective workshop before the end of your 4th semester. Please refer to the deadline for make-up exercise(s) specified above.

NOTE: Students admitted from CIE and HKBU sub-degree programmes are exempted from this requirement.

Requirement #2
Co-curricular Learning (CCL)

It offers you an array of out-of-class learning opportunities that take the form of seminars, workshops, campus events, and experiential learning activities which all aim to foster your whole person development. You are required to complete at least 8 of these learning items before the end of your 4th semester. Please refer to the deadline specified above.

CCL attendance records are normally updated within 10 working days after the event. To report any missing or miscounted records, please contact the organizer of the corresponding CCL event for further actions.

More details and the available CCL activities can be found at For enquiry, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at or 3411-2331.

Freshmen also have the option to join the Freshmen Experience Programme through Lead Serve Communities (FEP-LSC), which provides a common learning experience with support from the peer advisors. The programme focuses on three individual themes, namely Group Exploration, Service and Leadership and Civic Concerns. For details, please visit For enquiries, please contact the Leadership Qualities Centre of the Office of Student Affairs at or 3411-5913.

Requirement #3
Academic Integrity Online Tutorial (AIOT)

This online tutorial is designed to be an introduction in promoting academic integrity by increasing your awareness of the issues involved. Using pertinent cases as examples, the tutorial offers suggestions and solutions to help you recognize unethical behaviours, so that you can avoid committing academic misconduct unintentionally.

To access the tutorial, please refer to this Step-by-step guide for Academic Integrity Online Tutorial.

For technical support of this tutorial, please send an email to or call at 3411-5348.