Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Interdisciplinary courses in the GE programme strive to integrate knowledge and approaches from different academic disciplines in order to expand students’ intellectual horizons through exposure to different modes of thinking. Interdisciplinary education strives not only to help students to increase their ability to think critically about issues, solve problems, evaluate possibilities and synthesize a range of information, but also to develop the ability to attempt to solve a problem in more than one way, and recognize and respect other people’s different perspectives on a given issue. Thus, interdisciplinary courses give students the opportunity to question customary assumptions about themselves and the world they live in. Designed to guide them to think ‘outside the box’, these courses stretch students intellectually by showing them that creative solutions and innovative answers can be found through a combination of perseverance, open-mindedness, and imagination.

After completing an interdisciplinary course, students should be able to:

  • Explain the key methodologies and principles of the disciplines under study;
  • Synthesize the key concepts of the disciplines in order to gain new perspectives or insights and/or generate new solutions to problems;
  • Assess the potential of unconventional and cross-disciplinary approaches.

Team Teaching

HKBU encourages team teaching, a collaborative means of delivering a course in which two (or more) experts in different fields join to teach one interdisciplinary course.

Team-teaching encourages students to appreciate the way that different academic disciplines often complement each other in addressing enduring social, scientific and scholarly questions. Students also gain a sense of the constructive tension that often exists between different intellectual traditions and methodologies.

Instructors in team-taught courses each attend every class and lead discussions and tutorials together. While they may occasionally present lectures separately, they jointly grade all assignments and examinations.