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14-Feb-20 GE Day [Postponed]
    4-Oct-19 GEO Thank-You Lunch
    9-Sept-19 Connecting with the Community through Service Leadership
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    27-Apr-16 Outing to GE Retreat: Refresh Your Teaching; Reframe Our GE
    18-Feb-16 Award Ceremony for Excellent Performance in GE
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    6-Jan-16 International Conference in Hong Kong:
    Service Leadership Education in Service Economies
      Presentation Slides Presentation Slides
    5-Oct-15 Integrative Learning for the Complex World
    Essence of a Summer Institute in Newark

    Dr. Kimmy Cheng (COMS)
    Prof. Gerard Prendergast (BUS)
    Prof. Johnny Poon (MUS)
    Dr. Kevin Yue (CMTR)
    Prof. A. Reza Hoshmand (GEO)
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    12-Jun-15 GE International Conference: Foundations of General Education
    Organized by CUHK
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    28-Apr-15 GE Retreat: Assessment without Tears

    Prof. Spencer A. Benson (University of Macau)
    Mrs. Eliza Xue (ACLW)
    Prof. Michel A. Van Hove (PHYS)

    4-Dec-14 GE Retreat: How to Make a Difference on Student Learning
    Dr. Candy Ho (MKT),
    Dr. Loretta Kim (HIST),
    Dr. Kelvin Yue (CMTR), Dr. Kwok Wai Luen (REL) and Dr. Cinnie Ng (SA)
    8-Oct-14 General Education, Service Leadership and Management

    Mr. Po Chung SBS, OBE, JP, co-founder of DHL International; Chairman of HKI-SLAM
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    14-Aug-14 Inspiring Writing Projects from Start to Finish

    Dr. Talia Argondezzi, Director, Center for Writing and Speaking, Ursinus College
    12-Aug-14 Letting Go of the Lecture: Active Learning in Large Classes

    Dr. Jennifer Round, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Ursinus College

    12-Aug-14 Learning Goals Lead the Way: Backward Design for Courses and Curricula
    Dr. Talia Argondezzi and Dr. Jennifer Round, Ursinus College (Jan 2014)
    10-Jul-14 Hard Skills and Soft Skills-Education of Students for the 21st Century
    Prof. Haydn Chen, Vice Rector of University of Macau
    14-May-14 Service Leadership Education for University Students: Experience in Hong Kong
    30-Apr-14 GE Retreat 2014: Teachable and Collaborative Moments in GE
    10-Apr-14 來自西灣的「理」探討郊野發展的互動講座
    王福義博士 – 前漁農自然護理署助理署長
    陳淑莊大律師 – 前立法會議員、公民黨(外務)副主席
    黃觀貴教授 – 香港浸會大學地理系教授
      Presentation Slides of Dr. Wong Fuk Yee Presentation Slides of Prof. Kenneth Wong Photos Video
    24-Mar-14 Re-envisioning Opportunities in GE: Essence of an International Conference in Oregon
    Dr. Tushar Chaudhuri (GIS)
    Dr. Peter Lau (ACLW)
    Dr. Li Min (CMTD)
    Dr. Oh Hyun Jee (COMS)
    Prof. A. Reza Hoshmand (GEO)
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    16-Jan-14 GE for a Global Century
    by Prof. A. Reza Hoshmand
      Presentation Slides
    3-Dec-13 GE Retreat: Reflections on Student Learning
    by Prof. A. Reza Hoshmand; with guest speaker for sharing session: Miss Susanna Chui (MGNT)
      PhotosPresentation Slides for the retreatPresentation Slides of Susanna
    9-Oct-13 Character strengths in Chinese culture:
    Confucian Virtues and Service Leadership

    Dr. Lu YU, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU
      PhotosPresentation Slides
    18-Sept-13 Old Wine in New Bottles:
    Liberal Education and the 4-Year Curriculum in HK

    Prof. Bobby Fong, President, Ursinus College, USA
      Photos of School VisitsPhotos of the LectureScript of the speechChinese translation of the script4 Essential Learning Outcomes of AAC&U Liberally Education China by Prof Bobby Fong Video
    12-Sept-13 Designing a Service Leadership Education Course
    Prof. A. Reza Hoshmand, Director of GE, HKBU
      Presentation SlidesSample Course Syllabus8 ESSs from SLAM Curriculum Framework
    11-Sept-13 Designing your Engaging Interdisciplinary Course
    Prof. A. Reza Hoshmand, Director of GE, HKBU
    Date Event Photos/Materials
    3-May-13 GE Retreat: Renewal and Reflection
    18-Apr-13 Assessing Student Learning: Essence of a GE Conference in Boston

    Prof. Kathleen AHRENS (LC)
    Dr. TU Feng (CMTD)
    Dr. King CHONG (CHTL)
    Prof. A. Reza HOSHMAND (GEO)
    Ms. Lily NGAI (GEO)
    7-Dec-12 GE Seminar: Crossing the Cultural Divide in Higher Education
    Prof. Chung Yip-Wah, Northwestern University
    17-Sep-12 Designing a Service Leadership Education Course

    Prof. Reza Hoshmand, Director of General Education, HKBU
    11-Sep-12 Designing your Engaging Interdisciplinary Courses

    Prof. Reza Hoshmand, Director of General Education, HKBU

      Date Event Photos/Materials
      13-Jun-12 General Education and University Curriculum Reform: An International Conference in HK
      Organized by CityU and HKAC
        17-May-12 Team-Teaching an Interdisciplinary Course: Strategies for Working Effectively with a Colleague

        Prof. Susan Fiksdal, Fulbright Scholar at HKBU
        10-May-12 New Interpretations of Student Success: Essence of an International Conference in Seattle
        Prof. Lo Ping Cheung from Department of Religion and Philosophy
        Dr. Leevan Ling from Department of Mathematics
        Dr. Tracy Lau from Department of Education Studies
        Prof. Reza Hoshmand from the General Education Office
        18-Apr-12 Collaborative Learning: Techniques for Effective Tutorials and Seminars

        Prof. Susan Fiksdal, Fulbright Scholar at HKBU
        19-Mar-12 Engaged Scholarship: Models of Integrating Research, Teaching and Community Engagement

        Prof. Janel Curry, Fulbright Scholar at CityU
        Prof. Martha Carothers, Fulbright Scholar at CityU
        Prof. Richard Mack, Fulbright Scholar at PolyU
        23-Feb-12 What’s Next for Afghanistan? A panel of Diplomats from Hong Kong who served in Kabul

        Mr. Werner Lauk, Consul General of Germany
        Mr. Martin Murphy, Consul (Economic-Political) of the U.S.
        Prof. Reza Hoshmand, Director of General Education, HKBU
        Dr Glenn Shive, Director of the Hong Kong America Center
          17-Feb-12 Techniques to Increase Student Motivation for Instruction and Learning

          by Prof. Brenda Litchfield, Fulbright Scholar at the University of Macau
          17-Jan-12 Designing Your Interdisciplinary Courses – Workshop 2
          Useful Techniques to Make Your IGE Courses Become Alive

          by Prof. Susan Fiksdal; with guest speakers for sharing session: Prof. P.C. Yuen (COMP) and Dr. Kelvin Lee (COMS)
          13-Jan-12 Designing Your Interdisciplinary Courses – Workshop 1
          Think out of the Box and Design Your Engaging IGE Courses

          by Prof. Reza Hoshmand
          15-Dec-11 Online and Blended Learning (Classroom and E-Learning)

          by Dr. Douglas Roscoe
          6-Dec-11 Enriching the Curriculum with Undergraduate Research

          by Prof. Richard Mack
          8-Nov-11 Getting Personal: Creating a Unique Classroom Experience for Students in Large Lecture GE Courses

          by Dr. Melissa Fitch
          18-Oct-11 Make the Connection! General Education, the Humanities and the “Real” World

          by Dr. Melissa Fitch
          28-Sep-11 Opening Ceremony of GEO
            20-Sep-11 Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning for a Multi-Faceted World

            by Prof. Susan Fiksdal and Prof. Martha Carothers