GE courses in Science/Chinese Medicine (GDSC)

GDSC courses aim to instill students with a solid understanding of the basic principles and concepts of science/medicine with the focus of Chinese medicine and their relevance to daily life. Designed for non-science majors, they also feature many of the major concepts/theories of science/Chinese medicine, presented in a way that will encourage students to appreciate their significance. Class lectures will be supplemented with demonstration, observation and/or experimentation so that students will learn to think critically and to develop a questioning mind.
Intended Learning Outcomes
After completing a course in this category, students should be able to:

  1. Use real-life and contemporary examples to explain fundamental concepts/theories in science or Chinese medicine;
  2. Apply critical and independent thinking to solving scientific/health-related problems;
  3. Explain the significance of science or Chinese medicine in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and/or preserving the environment;
  4. Understand the implications of scientific advancements on the quality of life.
GDSC courses
List of GDSC courses
Course Code Course Title
GDSC1005 Environmental Principles and Contemporary Environmental Issues
GDSC1006 You and Your Environment
GDSC1007 You and Your Health
GDSC1015 Coffee with profs – The fascinating science of everyday life
GDSC1016 Ocean Voyage – Science in the Sea
GDSC1017 Science and Technology Behind the Movies
GDSC1025 Discovering Our Universe
GDSC1026 Nano Living: Impact of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
GDSC1027 Diseases and Medicine
GDSC1035 Health Maintenance and Food Therapy in Chinese Medicine
GDSC1036 Introduction to Medicinal Plants
GDSC1037 Invitation to Sports Science
GDSC1045 Wellness in Contemporary Society
GDSC1805 Biotechnology, Altering Nature, and Being Human*
GDSC1807 / GDSS1807 Energy, Environment & Sustainability*
GDAR1815 / GDSC1815 God, Creation and the Evolving Cosmos*
GDCV1816 / GDSC1816 Interactive Computing For Visual Communication*
GDCV1826 / GDSC1826 Seeing the World from Scientific and Artistic Perspectives*
GDAR1835 / GDSC1835 Music, Mind, and Human Experience*
GDSC1836 / GDSS1836 Creativity 101*
GDBU1846 / GDSC1846 Leadership in Sustainability*#
GDBU1847 / GDSC1847 Everyday Physics for Future Executives*
GDSC1857 / GDSS1857 Service Leadership in Action (Health Services)*
GDAR1866 / GDSC1866 Music, Science, and the Sublime*
GDAR1887 / GDSC1887 Paths to Service Leadership in Health Services *#
GDBU1895 / GDSC1895 Digital and Social Media Engagement *
GDAR1906 / GDSC1906 Becoming Critically Thoughtful Cyberworld Citizens *
GDAR1907 / GDSC1907 Can we Stop Believing in Magic? *
GDSC1966 / GDSS1966 Science, Culture, and Society *
GDSC1967 / GDSS1967 Weight Management and Healthy Living *

* Students are encouraged to take these engaging IGE courses, which integrate knowledge and approaches from 2 different academic disciplines, to expand their intellectual horizons. Interdisciplinary courses will be listed for 2 areas of learning (i.e. with 2 course codes starting with GDXX18XX or GDXX19XX). Students have to decide which area (outside of their own Faculty/ School/ Academy) they would like the course to fulfill.

# This is a Service Leadership Education (SLE) course. SLE is a special label for GE courses incorporating the ideals of Service Leadership. By learning from existing firms or organizations, you’ll have a chance to design service plans for different community groups!