GE courses in Communication / Visual Arts (GDCV)

GDCV courses aim to promote students’ sensitivity to modes of communication and self-expression through commercial media and the visual arts. They enable the students to develop sensibilities and skills vital for participating in contemporary exchange of information and deepen the students’ understanding of the role that informative, persuasive, and aesthetic approaches play for the generation of meaning. Courses in this category are drawn from the media studies, journalism, visual communication and visual arts. Some are historical and analytical; others are more directly concerned with the production of creative works.
Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
After completing a course in this category, students should be able to:

  1. Identify and explain the key concepts, ideas, and systems of thought basic to our efforts to communicate with individuals, groups and society;
  2. Apply on a basic level the fundamental principles of at least one approach to the exchange of meaning and work with its essential tools;
  3. Generate a creative strategy to effectively express themselves through their work; and
  4. Demonstrate a sensitivity for the coherence of information, medium and meaning.
GDCV courses
List of GDCV courses
Course Code Course Title
GDCV1005 Film, History, and Social Change
GDCV1006 Film and Controversy
GDCV1007 Hong Kong Cinema and Hong Kong Culture
GDCV1015 Television and Popular Culture
GDCV1016 Advertising and Society
GDCV1017 Communication in Interpersonal Encounters
GDCV1025 Communicating across Cultures
GDCV1026 Critical Perspectives on International News
GDCV1027 Media Studies in a Changing Society
GDCV1035 News Production and Presentation
GDCV1036 Writing for Media (Chinese Session)
GDCV1037 Writing in English for News Media
GDCV1045 "Art" as a Consumable
GDCV1046 Aesthetics of the Young
GDCV1047 All Arts: Creative Inspiration for Life
GDCV1055 Art and Gender
GDCV1056 Art Appreciation
GDCV1057 Art for All – Public Art and Space
GDCV1065 Buildings of Hong Kong: Appreciating Architecture
GDCV1066 Ceramics and Civilizations
GDCV1067 Chinese Calligraphy as Self‐Expression
GDCV1075 Graphics Redesigned
GDCV1076 Encountering World Art
GDCV1077 Essentials of Chinese Art
GDCV1085 Exploring Drawing
GDCV1086 From Kitchen to Table: Ceramics and Food Culture
GDCV1087 Looking at Asian Arts
GDCV1095 Object and Heritage
GDCV1096 Seeing Through Glass: How It Creates Our World
GDCV1097 Show Off the Art: Value and Desire
GDCV1105 Space-saving Creative Practicing
GDCV1106 Product Design Basics
GDCV1107 Creativity and Chinese Painting
GDCV1115 Understanding Photography
GDCV1116 Wear Me
GDCV1816 / GDSC1816 Interactive Computing For Visual Communication *
GDAR1825 / GDCV1825 Religious Creativity and Visual Arts *
GDCV1826 / GDSC1826 Seeing the World from Scientific and Artistic Perspectives *
GDAR1827 / GDCV1827 Understanding East Asian Transformation through Films *
GDAR1837 / GDCV1837 When West Meets East: Modernity in the Arts
GDCV1845 / GDSS1845 Videogames and Arts *
GDBU1856 / GDCV1856 How Ideas Spread *
GDCV1875 / GDSS1875 Uncovering the Stories of Brands *
GDAR1886 / GDCV1886 Multimodal and Digital Literacies as Artistic and Social Behaviour *
GDCV1896 / GDSS1896 Soundscape Studies And Hong Kong Culture *
GDAR1897 / GDCV1897 Creative Thinking *
GDAR1905 / GDCV1905 Multiculturalism and Society *
GDAR1915 / GDCV1915 Visual Culture in Everyday Life *
GDCV1916 / GDSS1916 The Material Life of Things *
GDCV1917 / GDSS1917 Aesthetics in Human Movement *
GDBU1935 / GDCV1935 Creative Entrepreneurship *
GDBU1936 / GDCV1936 Fashion Communication and Media *
GDCV1957 / GDSS1957 Media and Health Decision *

* Students are encouraged to take these engaging IGE courses, which integrate knowledge and approaches from 2 different academic disciplines, to expand their intellectual horizons. Interdisciplinary courses will be listed for 2 areas of learning (i.e. with 2 course codes starting with GDXX18XX or GDXX19XX). Students have to decide which area (outside of their own Faculty/ School/ Academy) they would like the course to fulfill.