GE courses in Business (GDBU)

GDBU courses aim to enhance students’ understanding of the role of business and management principles in shaping contemporary human experience.
Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
After completing a course in this category, students should be able to:

  1. Explain key principles underlying business and management decisions;
  2. Apply business and management concepts and/or economic principles in analyzing business issues;
  3. Evaluate business, management, or economic activities using the principles learned in the course.
Business (GDBU)
List of GDBU courses
Course Code Course Title
GDBU1005 Accounting for Business Decisions
GDBU1006 Financial Accounting: Information Generation and Uses
GDBU1007 Law for Hong Kong Business
GDBU1015 Management Accounting: A Tool for Planning and Control
GDBU1016 Business Economics
GDBU1017 China and the New World Economy
GDBU1025 Economic Indicators and Business Decisions
GDBU1026 Globalisation and Trade Liberalization
GDBU1027 Macroeconomic Policies and the Economy
GDBU1035 IT and Society
GDBU1036 Business Operations and Logistics Management
GDBU1037 Exploring Entrepreneurship
GDBU1045 Personal Financial Planning
GDBU1046 Understanding Finance
GDBU1047 Applied Negotiation Skills
GDBU1055 Cross-Cultural Management
GDBU1056 Developing a Successful Business
GDBU1057 Developing Effective Leadership Skills
GDBU1065 Ethics in Business
GDBU1066 Doing Business in China
GDBU1067 Marketing and Society
GDBU1075 Marketing Yourself
GDBU1076 International Business Etiquette
GDBU1077 Social Entrepreneurship: Opportunities to Change the World
GDBU1085 Understanding Chinese Consumers
GDBU1086 Understanding the World of Business
GDBU1846 / GDSC1846 Leadership in Sustainability*#
GDBU1847 / GDSC1847 Everyday Physics for Future Executives*
GDBU1855 / GDSS1855 Celebrity and Entertainment Business*
GDBU1856 / GDCV1856 How Ideas Spread*
GDBU1867 / GDSS1867 Children as consumers: Marketing to the Youth*
GDBU1895 / GDSC1895 Digital and Social Media Engagement *
GDBU1935 / GDCV1935 Creative Entrepreneurship *
GDBU1936 / GDCV1936 Fashion Communication and Media *
GDBU1937 / GDSS1937 Improving Mental Health for University Success *
GDBU1956 / GDSS1956 Service Leadership Practicum *#

* Students are encouraged to take these engaging IGE courses, which integrate knowledge and approaches from 2 different academic disciplines, to expand their intellectual horizons. Interdisciplinary courses will be listed for 2 areas of learning (i.e. with 2 course codes starting with GDXX18XX or GDXX19XX). Students have to decide which area (outside of their own Faculty/ School/ Academy) they would like the course to fulfill.

# This is a Service Leadership Education (SLE) course. SLE is a special label for GE courses incorporating the ideals of Service Leadership. By learning from existing firms or organizations, you’ll have a chance to design service plans for different community groups!