Seeing through Glass: How it Creates our World

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GDCV1096 AVA (3,3,0)
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What is the course about?

Glass is one of the most influential materials in human civilization. Glass has been a medium widely used in our everyday life since its discovery by the Phoenician merchants in the region of Syria in 5,000 BC. It is not only in the making of daily use objects such as bottles, mirrors and light bulbs, but also in the production of advanced technological articles like telescopes and microscopes. We simply cannot live without glass; glass helps us to see the world beyond our visual limitation.

GDCV1096 aims to examine the importance of glass from various points of view, from history, culture, science, religion, everyday life and art appreciation, as a way to make students aware of the inseparable relation between glass and human civilization. In addition, through the discussion of the functional and spiritual implication of glass, its aesthetics and scientific values, and its artistic qualities in forms of jewelry or architecture, students will be able to see glass in a wider spectrum. Whilst the course is not intended to provide professional training in glass making, a number of hands-on projects will enable students to have a better knowledge on how glass changes, shapes and creates our world.


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