Public Speaking

Course Code Offering Department(s) Units & Hours
GCPS1005 COMS (3,1,2)
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What is the course about?

The goal of GCPS1005 is to help you develop students ability to prepare and present informative and persuasive speeches for delivery before a variety of community and professional audiences. It is expected that enhancing students’ skill in organizing their ideas and communicating them to others will contribute to their personal and professional effectiveness. To help accomplish this goal, the subject will introduce the key principles of the public speaking process and show students how to apply them to construct high quality informative and persuasive speeches. Also supporting the general goal, the subject will help students assess, critique, and appreciate the speeches of others by teaching the standards of evaluation that apply to effective public speaking. By the end of the course, students should be able to:

– Demonstrate a grasp of key concepts, principles, and theories underlying effective public speaking;
– Apply the principles of effective public speaking to preparing and delivering actual presentations;
– Conduct audience analysis to prepare speeches for intended audiences;
– Draw upon a variety of sources to enrich your oral presentations;
– Analyse and evaluate presentations produced by yourself and others.

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