University English I

Course Code Offering Department(s) Units & Hours
GCLA1008 LC (3,2,1)
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What is the course about?

GCLA1008 aims to enhance students’ English language skills in critical reading and listening as well as academic writing.

This course strengthens students’ ability to:

(i) read academic discourse by engaging in the analysis of the rhetorical and linguistic features used in academic writing;

(ii) respond critically to ideas through examining and evaluating evidence and arguments;

(iii) write coherent and structured academic essays by developing core transferable skills in critical thinking, reading, and writing;

(iv) understand extended academic discourse by employing cognitive and metacognitive lecture comprehension strategies;

(v) use reflection and self-assessment to become a more independent and competent reader, listener and writer.

What do the students say about this course?

This course provides a lot of multimedia materials, like news reports, web articles, academic texts, magazine articles and videos, radio and TV programmes, and so on. Our language proficiency, intellectual maturity and cultural knowledge will be improved through this course…

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Amanda Lama year 1 student from BBA (ACCT)


Notes for all GE courses

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