University Chinese (大學中文)

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GCLA1005 LC (3,2,1)
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What is the course about?

GCLA1005 旨在提升學生之中文水平,通過文辭辨識、語段書寫、名篇賞析及篇章寫作,全面提高學生的讀寫能力。
GCLA1005 aims to enhance students’ Chinese proficiency in identifying ungrammatical expressions and producing concise writing pieces; analyzing expository and argumentative masterpieces and writing advanced expository and argumentative essays.

This course comprises three teaching and learning units: 1) Essence of written expression; 2) Expository reading and writing; 3) Argumentative reading and writing.

單元一:1) 句子結構分析;2) 書寫清通語段;3) 辨識文辭正誤。
Unit 1: 1) Analyzing Chinese sentence structure; 2) Producing concise writing pieces; 3) Identifying ungrammatical expressions.

單元二:1) 說明名篇賞析;2) 說明方法及應用;3) 撰寫說明篇章。
Unit 2: 1) Analyzing selected expository masterpieces; 2) Applying expository techniques in verbal expressions; 3) Writing an advanced expository essay.

單元三:1) 議論名篇賞析;2) 議論方法及應用;3) 撰寫議論篇章。
Unit 3: 1) Analyzing selected argumentative masterpieces; 2) Applying argumentative techniques in verbal expressions; 3) Writing an advanced argumentative essay.

What do the students say about this course?

1. 內容實用︰這科目共有3個單元,包括辯論、評判式閱讀,及語文知識。這些訓練不單止可以提升我們聽說讀寫的能力,而且對我們日後的學習和工作非常有用,舉例說,公務員的中文招聘試和大學中文的考試內容相似。
2. 互動性高︰小班教學令課堂輕鬆,有更多和老師的互動。
3. 老師質素高,風趣幽默,課堂一點也不沉悶。

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