GCAP3056 – Taking a Stand: Engaging in Public Discourse through Advanced Research and Writing

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What is the course about?

This is an experiential learning course.

This course aims to help our students engage with public discourse on important social problems facing our local and global society. It introduces an interdisciplinary approach to analysing social problems, encouraging students to draw upon research insights and knowledge from different disciplines and share their insights with stakeholders such as the Hong Kong (HK) SAR government, NGOs and the public. Addressing a range of social issues facing Hong Kong and the wider global community, students learn to glean research insights from academic literature, to collect information from the HKSAR government under the Code on Access to Information and join the debate on such issues through experiential learning activities such as discussion with representatives from NGOs and/or community members and writing for the media. Working collaboratively in small groups, students will critically review the policies and decisions made by the HKSAR government and propose new solutions for social problems taking into account findings from their own research together with literature on the issues and/or policy ideas from other countries or cities. Students will eventually develop insightful and persuasive arguments on the issues and share their findings with the stakeholders including the HKSAR government and the public through a variety of channels, including writing letters to the editor and opinion pieces in the newspapers, submitting reports to the HKSAR government and engaging members of the community through online and offline activities. Moreover, the experiential learning provided by this course will facilitate meaningful connections between students and practitioners in the field to explore internship and/or employment opportunities.