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黑暗中對話 Dialogue in the Dark



「黑暗中對話」創始人 Dr. Andreas Heinecke推崇德國著名哲學家馬丁布伯 (Martin Buber) ,深深認同「親身體驗是唯一的學習方法」。因此,「黑暗中對話」設計了一系列配合學校課程的教育活動,讓學生在課室以外嘗試「體驗式學習」。

活動會由視障人士作導賞員,帶領同學(每團最多8人, 每15分鐘1團)在黑暗中經歷約1小時15分鐘的超感觀旅程。同學的感觀將會得到前所未有的全新體驗!在不依靠視力的情況下,共同探索、發掘並體驗視力以外的感觀所帶來的無限想像!於等候展開黑暗旅程期間,同學可試玩其他體驗活動。所有同學完成體驗館旅程後,視障導賞員及專業團隊會帶領同學進行分享環節,讓同學對重點課題作出更深入的思考和學習。

Darkness can help us think out of box, change our mindset and stimulate our potential to apply what we have learnt. It also encourages us to use our heart and senses other than vision to feel the world.

Founder of “Dialogue in the Dark” (DiD), Dr. Andreas Heniecke, admires German philosopher Martin Buber’s educational theory of “The only way to learn is through experience”. Therefore, Dialogue in the Dark has designed a series of educational activities which students can try “experiential learning” outside classroom.

Participants (max. of 8 in a group, 15-min. intervals between each group) will experience a 1-hour and 15-min. extraordinary tour in absolute darkness leaded by visually impaired tour guides. Students will also participate in other learning activities besides the experiential exhibition tour. You will have an adventure which you have never experienced before! Explore, discover and get inspired without sight!

Date 日期 6th October, 2013 (Sunday)
Time 時間 3:15pm – 6:15pm
Venue 地點 Experiential Exhibition of DiD (Shop 215, 2/F The Household Centre, No. 8 King Lai Path, Mei Foo, Kowloon)
「黑暗中對話」體驗館 (九龍美孚景荔徑8號盈暉家居城2樓215室)
Quota 名額 38 名額已滿
先到先得 First come, first served
Price 費用 Full Sponsorship 全數贊助
Eligibility 報名資格 Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU are eligible to join
Application Method 報名方法 Register for the event with your student ID card and pay the refundable deposit, HKD$100, by cash in person at the GE office from 2 to 25 September 2013 (during office hours). The deposit will be refunded to students who attended the workshop on time and submit reflective journals by 14 Oct 2013. 


Application Period 報名日期 2 – 25 September, 2013
Important Notes 注意事項 Please refer to Introduction of GE Off Campus.
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