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1st Issue of GE Zone Student Post 通識教育學生報創刊號!
1st Issue of GE Zone Student Post 通識教育學生報創刊號!

GE Office proudly presents: the 1st issue of GE Zone Student Post!
通識教育處隆重呈獻︰GE Zone 通識教育學生報創刊號!

「街頭足球在浸大」新聞報導 “Street Soccer at HKBU” on newspaper
“Street Soccer at HKBU” on newspaper

關於「街頭足球在浸大」之報導,取自星島日報、大公報及文匯報。News Clippings of “Street Soccer at HKBU” .

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GE Outstanding Student Award
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This course trains our listening skills through listening to different Chinese popular music, and fosters our critical thinking by examining the meanings of popular music and their relation with different issues…. To learn with this interesting way, we will have a clear concept of Chinese culture an…
GCHC1057 Chinese Popular Music: Its Cultural and Musical MeaningsAmanda Lama year 1 student from BBA (ACCT)