GE Outstanding Students Award

Scholarship for undergraduates who have excellent GE academic & non-academic performance!
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GE Comment Box 意見箱

Online anonymous for students to share views on courses
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GE Zone 通識教育學生報

Share new knowledge & interesting trivia!
GE Zone 帶你鬆一鬆!與您分享大學及日常生活中的新知趣事!
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GE Off Campus

Let's go beyond the classroom to explore the fun of learning!
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GE Teaching Award

Established to recognize individual academic colleagues’ outstanding performance and devotion in the teaching of GE courses
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New Policy on Taking Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE) Courses

Starting from AY2017/18, all undergraduate students will be allowed to take more than one IGE course to fulfill the 12-unit Distribution Requirements of the GE Programme.

2nd Round of Consultation on the Review of the General Education Programme
Let's Talk

To collect feedback on the existing GE curriculum, 2nd Round of town hall meetings will be held in Apr. All students and staff are cordially invited.

Comment Box for GE Courses
Comment Box for GE Courses

To encourage active participation, $10 AAB canteen and $25 Starbucks cash vouchers will be distributed as prizes.
為鼓勵同學積極參與,發表意見的同學可獲$10 AAB 飯堂現金券$25 星巴克咖啡現金券

GE Teaching Award
Service Leadership Education at HKBU
GE courses for this academic year
Cross-Institutional GE Course Enrollment Scheme for Undergraduate Students