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The professor teaches very well and has passion in nurturing students. We can learn the culture of ancient asia step by step in different divisions; explore our interests of learning history; and learn lots of art styles in this course. Full TextGCHC1045 The Heritage of Asian Civilizations: Persians, Arabians and IndiansCresta
  1. …… You can learn how to verify the trustworthiness of quantitative estimations reported in the news and its impact on daily life.
  2. The course is not difficult even for those who are not good at math, as you don’t need to memorize many fomulas and do many calculations……
  3. You can also learn how to use “MATLAB” to solve math questions, which is a very useful software and commonly used worldwide in research.
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GCNU1007 Estimating the WorldPui Kwan
……這門課……由淺入深,鍛鍊我們的邏輯思維能力。學習這門課,我們不需要背誦數學公式,但是需要具備一定的數學基礎……我們不需要動筆,唯一需要的是點擊鼠標,操作電腦。如果你是社會科學院的學生,便更加不要錯過這門課程啦! Full Text &TranslationGCNU1006 Discovering Hong Kong by Statistical SoftwareFengjing
This course equips students and computer idiots like me with practical computer knowledge……When I managed to finish an assignment in lesson, I had a sense of satisfaction. The lecturer is friendly and the assistants are ready for instant help…… Full textGCIT1006 IT for Success in Everyday Life and WorkKaren Mui
……這科目利用韓國電視劇作為題材去講述儒家文化在韓國的重要性,我覺得很新鮮和有趣……既能學習,亦能娛樂,所以我推介這科目。 Full text & TranslationGDAR1007 The Review and Outlook of Confucian Culture as Revealed in Korean Television Drama 儒家文化的回溯與展望 ― 韓劇的啟示Koko Chana year 1 student
This is a good introduction course to SPSS, which is pretty useful for consultancy and analysis. Very useful and practical. Full TextGCNU1006 Discovering Hong Kong by Statistical SoftwareRaymond Cheung
……In this GE course, we will learn about the development, implication and most importantly, the application of different information technologies around us. Coupled with course instructor’s interactive and inspiring teaching style, GDBU1035 would be one of your best choices. Full TextGDBU1035 IT and SocietyZach Leea year 2 student from ISEM
這科目介紹簡單基礎的統計知識,並教授使用實用及容易上手的統計軟件,適合不同專業的同學修讀,並且真的很有用。 TranslationGCNU1006 Discovering Hong Kong by Statistical SoftwareLydia Yuan Gao

從最貼近生活也最有趣的食物開始說起,介紹生活中無處不在的人類學……Dr. Daisy是個很好的老師,她不僅在課堂上給我们播放視頻、邀请樂餉社的主席來給我們演講,更在課堂外帶領我們到去菜園村實地考察,進行志願活動。她在學期開始時給我們種子,在學校建造綠色空中花園。作為一個理科的交流生,這一門人類學課真的讓我收獲很多!
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GDAR1026 Food and HumanitiesX. Y. Li

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GCPE1067 TennisCherry Li

GE Retreat 2014: Teachable & Collaborative Moments in GE
GE Retreat 2014: Teachable & Collaborative Moments in GE

30 Apr 2014 (Wed)︱ 9:30-12:30︱WLB109

Re-Envisioning Opportunities in GE
Re-Envisioning Opportunities in GE

Essence of an international conference in Oregon, sharing by 5 HKBU colleagues. – 24 March – Monday – 12:15-2:15pm – AAB709

Summer 2014 Berkeley Institutes on Higher Education
Summer 2014 Berkeley Institutes on Higher Education

Invitation to international conference in July in California

Call for Course Proposal
Call for Course Proposal

We are now calling for the proposals of
Interdisciplinary GE courses and Service Leadership Education courses


來自西灣的「理」 探討郊野發展的互動講座


「拍」my郊野 郊野可持續發展攝影比賽

運用創意和觸覺,表達你對郊野發展的所思所想,贏取 iPad Mini Retina 或其他豐富獎品!

浪浪新鮮浪浪FUN 從大浪西灣事件看郊野可持續發展


Speak Up! Public Speaking Contest – Final!
Speak Up! Public Speaking Contest – Final!

Watch the final contestants speak live!


GE Outstanding Students Award
GE Outstanding Students Award

Scholarship for undergraduates who have excellent GE academic & non-academic performance!

「街頭足球在浸大」新聞報導 “Street Soccer at HKBU” on newspaper
“Street Soccer at HKBU” on newspaper

關於「街頭足球在浸大」之報導 (2013年11月20日),取自星島日報、大公報及文匯報。
News Clippings of “Street Soccer at HKBU” on 20 Nov 2013. From Sing Tao Daily, Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po.

The Return of the Liberal Arts to Europe
The Return of the Liberal Arts to Europe

In Europe, liberal-arts colleges are beginning to grow in number, especially in the Netherlands. So are liberal-arts degrees.

Published on The Chronicle of Higher Education on 1 Nov 2013