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This course provides a lot of multimedia materials, like news reports, web articles, academic texts, magazine articles and videos, radio and TV programmes, and so on. Our language proficiency, intellectual maturity and cultural knowledge will be improved through this course… Full TextGCLA1008 University English IAmanda Lama year 1 student from BBA (ACCT)
This course trains our listening skills through listening to different Chinese popular music, and fosters our critical thinking by examining the meanings of popular music and their relation with different issues…. To learn with this interesting way, we will have a clear concept of Chinese culture and willing to memorize it. Full TextGCHC1057 Chinese Popular Music: Its Cultural and Musical MeaningsAmanda Lama year 1 student from BBA (ACCT)


  1. 有普通話和廣東話的班別可供選擇。
  2. 老師很友善,為我們印刷筆記。
  3. 不記錄出席率。

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GCHC1025 Historical Changes and Intellectual Trends in 20th Century ChinaAnnie Li

Full Text & Translation

GCPE1067 TennisCherry Li

……GCNU1016教的不是一般的數學,它們跟你的生活息息相關,又能帶給你無窮的樂趣。學完以後你會發現原來生活之中有那麼多跟數學有關的小知識,你會真正感受到什麼是”Mathematics Around Us”~~~~~
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GCNU1016 Mathematics Around UsCherry Li
This course infuses us with mathematics topics linked to real life…… The lecturer has a sense of humour and he presented the lectures in a funny way with his sharing of experiences in daily life. I recommend this course because it changed my attitude towards mathematics and I enjoyed and benefited from mathematics. Full TextGCNU1016 Mathematics Around UsKaren Mui
This course provides us with the basic knowledge on gender issues in imperial Chinese history such as concubinage, foot-binding, and so on…… It lets us re-examine history with a gender perspective, and express our views towards gender issues. Full TextGCHC1017 Gender Issues in Imperial Chinese HistoryKaren Mui
大家一直認為中國文學沉悶,但其實可以很有趣的。此科目會將大眾文化跟中國文學融合, 探討文化如何影響寫作的風格、手筆等,適合喜歡寫作的你! TranslationGDAR1006 Life Style, Chinese Literature, Mass Culture 中國文學與大眾文化Miss Wong
  1. 課堂活動輕鬆有用,導師講解清晰易明。
  2. 個人報告融合創意與技巧應用,小組報告活用課堂知識,獲益良多。
  3. 以課堂習作取代考試,同學更易理解及掌握知識。
GCIT1016 Life-long Learning with Information TechnologiesCherry Li
……相信每個人都必曾幻想將來的家庭會是怎樣,婚姻有多美滿,但現實與夢想並不一樣。老師會透過真實例子去探討現今社會中家庭及婚姻的轉變,課題對我們來說既熟悉又新鮮。而且老師亦不時跟我們互動,問問我們對婚姻的看法。 Full Text & TranslationGCVM1037 Marriage and Family: Dreams and RealityYan

GE Retreat 2014: Teachable & Collaborative Moments in GE
GE Retreat 2014: Teachable & Collaborative Moments in GE

30 Apr 2014 (Wed)︱ 9:30-12:30︱WLB109

Re-Envisioning Opportunities in GE
Re-Envisioning Opportunities in GE

Essence of an international conference in Oregon, sharing by 5 HKBU colleagues. – 24 March – Monday – 12:15-2:15pm – AAB709

Summer 2014 Berkeley Institutes on Higher Education
Summer 2014 Berkeley Institutes on Higher Education

Invitation to international conference in July in California

Call for Course Proposal
Call for Course Proposal

We are now calling for the proposals of
Interdisciplinary GE courses and Service Leadership Education courses


來自西灣的「理」 探討郊野發展的互動講座


「拍」my郊野 郊野可持續發展攝影比賽

運用創意和觸覺,表達你對郊野發展的所思所想,贏取 iPad Mini Retina 或其他豐富獎品!

浪浪新鮮浪浪FUN 從大浪西灣事件看郊野可持續發展


Speak Up! Public Speaking Contest – Final!
Speak Up! Public Speaking Contest – Final!

Watch the final contestants speak live!


GE Outstanding Students Award
GE Outstanding Students Award

Scholarship for undergraduates who have excellent GE academic & non-academic performance!

「街頭足球在浸大」新聞報導 “Street Soccer at HKBU” on newspaper
“Street Soccer at HKBU” on newspaper

關於「街頭足球在浸大」之報導 (2013年11月20日),取自星島日報、大公報及文匯報。
News Clippings of “Street Soccer at HKBU” on 20 Nov 2013. From Sing Tao Daily, Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po.

The Return of the Liberal Arts to Europe
The Return of the Liberal Arts to Europe

In Europe, liberal-arts colleges are beginning to grow in number, especially in the Netherlands. So are liberal-arts degrees.

Published on The Chronicle of Higher Education on 1 Nov 2013