What’s Next for Afghanistan? A panel of Diplomats from Hong Kong who served in Kabul


What’s Next for Afghanistan?


The international coalition of Western countries has recently met in Bonn Germany to discuss the future of their presence in Afghanistan.  Most countries plan to withdraw their troops within the next two years…  The government in Kabul has had some direct discussions with the Taliban about this transition.  What can we expect to happen in Afghanistan after foreign military forces leave and local groups are left to work out their own arrangements for security, development and governmental integrity?  What is at stake long-term for the west Asian region and the global community for maintaining stability and promoting peaceful solutions in Afghanistan? 


The diplomats in Hong Kong have served recently in Kabul for their governments.  They are Mr. Werner Lauk, Consul General of Germany, Mr. Martin Murphy, Consul (Economic-Political) of the U.S., and Mr. Russell Abel, Vice Consul (Political & Economic) of the United Kingdom.


As an Afghan, Prof. Reza Hoshmand, Director of General Education at HKBU, will open the panel by giving some historical context to the current events. Dr Glenn Shive, Director of the HKAC, will moderate the panel.


Good news to HKBU students, this panel is recognized as a CCL seminar. You can fulfill one CCL seminar by attending the whole panel. 


For enquiries, please contact Miss Mei Chan at ge@hkbu.edu.hk or 3411 2014.


Date: 23 Feb 2012 (Thursday)

Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Venue: RRS905, Sir Run Run Shaw Building, Ho Sin Hang Campus, HKBU