Hard Skills and Soft Skills-Education of Students for the 21st Century (Prof. Haydn Chen, Vice Rector of University of Macau)

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Hard Skills and Soft Skills-Education of Students for the 21st Century

According to various highly regarded surveys, 70% of employers feel that soft skills are more important than having professional knowledge alone. The University of Macau (UM) believes that a higher education should cover 2 aspects—disciplinary learning (for hard skills) and liberal arts learning (for soft skills).

In this talk, Prof. Chen will share the experience of UM in providing Experiential Residence Learning in the Residential Colleges in addition to the Disciplinary Learning attained in the academic Faculty. All of their students are members of Residential Colleges in which various programmes and activities are designed and carried out to enable students to achieve the following 5 competencies:


  1. Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork;
  2. Global Citizenship;
  3. Leadership and Service;
  4. Cultural Engagement; and
  5. Healthy Living.


Moreover, evaluation and assessment of student development are carried out via a 3-tier process including self-, peer- and teacher-assessment. This talk will give a brief description of the history and future development of UM with special emphasis on the experiential residential learning of soft skills.


Date: 10 Jul 2014 (Thursday) 

Time: 3pm – 4pm Refreshment will be provided.

Venue: CVA104, Yue Hwa Chinese Products Lecture Theatre, Communication & Visual Arts Building,  Baptist University Road Campus, HKBU

All staff are welcome, especially those responsible for student activities and hostel matters!


Biography of our Honorable Speaker

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Prof. Haydn Chen
Vice Rector (Student Affairs) and Chair Professor of Physics & Materials Science, University of Macau
Prof. Chen is responsible for devising student affairs development plans geared towards the realization of whole person education by way of the establishment of residential colleges for the entire undergraduate degree programmes to which the University of Macau has always attached great importance.


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