Student Subsidies for Level 3 GE Capstone


The Level 3 General Education (GE) Capstone is the pinnacle of the GE Programme. It allows students to consolidate intellectual connections they have been acquiring across different disciplines and apply interdisciplinary knowledge to real-world issues. The GE Capstone is the crucial step of the GE Programme to guide our students become responsible and responsive citizens who are capable of fully participating in this fast-changing, interconnected global world.

The GE Capstone emphasizes active learning in which interdisciplinary experiential learning, service-learning and service leadership learning are some of the core teaching and learning activities.



The student subsidies will be provided to students who have completed the eligible projects listed in Table 1 to support them to conduct their service-learning and service leadership projects. Financial support will not be provided to self-funded undergraduate programmes.


Table 1 Funding amount*


Interdisciplinary GE Capstone Courses Interdisciplinary Independent Study
Service-Learning (SL) Service Leadership Education (SLE)
  • Group Project
  • Individual Project
Student subsidies:


  1. Up to $300 per student for local projects**
  2. Case-by-case consideration for projects outside Hong Kong
Student subsidies** for SL or SLE projects (up to $300 per student)

* Subject to availability of funding.
** Direct subsidies with no receipts required.



GE Capstone service-learning courses are sponsored by the Tin Ka Ping Innovative Service-Learning Project (田家炳學生創新服務計劃).


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