Storytelling for Hong Kong Minority Communities

This is a Service-learning course.


This course will use ethnographic methods to provide an opportunity for students to embark on a multimedia story-building collaboration between students and minority community members in Hong Kong and examine the challenges of social inclusion, discovery and understanding in the Digital Age. Working together with governmental and non-governmental organizations, students will learn about different historical and contemporary minority communities living in Hong Kong, as defined by, but not limited to, ethnicity, race, religious affiliation, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and economic status. Students will also do research, engage with minority communities and conduct documentary reporting, including learning digital hardware and software to document the daily life, rituals, work life, family life and more of Hong Kong’s minority groups and presenting their multimedia work on publicly accessible digital platforms, such as a web site. Students will engage in self-reflection to integrate academic content with community experiences and learn how to utilize technology, personal narratives and storytelling to advocate for social awareness and inclusion, with the overall goal of creating a collective effort of cross-cultural engagement and interaction to help diminish and eliminate misunderstandings, prejudices and distrust and build community connections in Hong Kong.


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