This is a Service-learning course.


The course MathRomance provides scientific solutions to solve emotional issues in romance. It is an interdisciplinary course which combines the subjects of mathematics, social science, and art.


In the first half of the course, instructor would guide students to understand the complexity of romantic relationships with mathematics. Students will first be introduced to several common dilemmas. They will then adopt mathematical and logical thinking to address the dilemmas. Historical and cultural aspects of romance will also be incorporated into the course content by a sexuality and gender specialist guest lecturer. Moreover, through reflection and critical thinking, students will make value judgement and sound decision on the common dilemmas introduced. Teaching pedagogy will be in blended learning with short films and Edtech online media, as well as classroom activities.


To foster innovation and contribute to the common good of humankind, students will integrate the relevant knowledge to the community by providing edutaining service to secondary schools in Hong Kong. In the second half of the course, they will work in groups, creating their own multimedia and interactive lecture materials targeting secondary school students. By the end of the course, they will spend at least 2 whole days in secondary schools, spreading the knowledge of mathematics in romance to the younger generation. Providing cross-generational educational service will enrich the learning experience of students on both sides (service providers and service users). Moreover, through deep communication with other adolescents, students will cultivate their empathy and caring for others.


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