Flourishing Life: Inter-generational Collaboration for Career and Life Fulfilment

This is a Service-learning course.


In this course, students will explore the impact of ageism and related barriers on golden agers’ (i.e. 50+) life-career fulfilment issues. Taking the inter-generational communication approach of story-telling and life-designing as the key methods of career planning, students will team up NGO partners to build a cross-generation designing platform (20+ and 50+) to empower some disadvantaged adults in the “young old” cohort (50-64) to benefit from service provision regarding pursuing their “lost” life-career dreams for self-actualization and contribution to others. This innovative capstone course will serve as a learning and reflective medium for both the students and service users to explore collaboratively how inter-generational communication can shed light on defining and pursuing life purposes and to design career plans. The interdisciplinary knowledge of ageism, narratives as self-exploration, life-design method and inter-generational communication skills learned in classroom and activities will allow students to take their own perspective and responsibility for their future careers.


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