Evening Song: Music for the Elderly

This is a Service-learning course.


Evening Song is a service-learning course by involving students in a wide range of learning experiences through providing services to the community. The targeted students are music majors and non-music majors—students with moderate to strong musical performance credentials, such as those who can sing and/or play an instrument in public. But the course also admits students with limited musical background if they show keen interests in music and administrative duties. Students will be introduced to the concept of service-learning, issues pertinent to Hong Kong’s rapidly aging population, the psychology of aging, and music’s positive impact on the lives of the elderly. They will be guided to formulate and deliver a music project entailing a mini-concert, two workshops, and an interactive performance with elderly participants from an old aged facility. The purpose of this course is to let students use their music performance skills to serve the community, bringing joys and happiness to the elderly. In the process of delivering music and workshops to the identified community, students are expected to accomplish the following:1) design and deliver a music program appropriate for their identified participants by fully utilizing skills and knowledge learned academically, 2) work collaboratively in a team environment, sharing duties pertinent to the project in a collaboratively and dutiful manner; 2) gain awareness of issues pertinent to the elderly population in Hong Kong through not only academic learning but also first-hand experience; and 4) develop the realization that everyone can make a difference in the society.


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