Connecting the Elderly with the Internet – E-sports

This is a Service-learning course.


E-sports is a new hobby in the 21st Century. Most of the players are young people since E-sports has been linked with quick responses, communication skills, and digital literacy which are presumably what the younger generation is good at. As such, not many elders have the chance to take part in E-sports.


After their retirement, many elders may feel lonely as they gradually lose their social contact. This would reduce their quality of life. There has been an increasing interest in promoting E-sports in the elderly community to keep the elders’ mind active and reconnect them to the society. Furthermore, E-sports is suitable for the elderly since it requires less intense cardiovascular activity.


This service-learning course aims at connecting the young and the retired seniors by means of E-sports. It tries to harness the youngsters’ expertise and enthusiasm in E-sports to bring a healthier lifestyle (i.e., social contact and interaction) to the retirees, and develop better communication skills with other age groups such as the elderly.


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