Canine Service Partners for Inclusive Community*

This is a Service-learning course.

* “Instructor’s Approval” is required for enrolment in this course. Please liaise with offering department for enrollment details.


The objective of this service learning course is to maximize students’ exposure to experience taking an active role in co-creating values to the community with assistance dogs. They will explore the roles of assistance dogs in contributing to building an inclusive HK society from an interdisciplinary perspective through designing and implementing a service learning outreach group project on assistance dogs. In the process, students will acquire the knowledge related to various aspects and issues about assistance dogs in work and community settings, appreciate the current research on the impacts of animal service on social well-being, learn the skills to develop events and/or activities to enhance the public and business sector’s awareness about the contribution of assistance dogs in an inclusive society, and be prepared to become ambassadors for promoting the work of assistance dogs. The course will facilitate personal development in which students will develop respect to assistance dogs and an open-mindset to create values for the community with assistance dogs.


Special Note: This course is not suitable for students who are fearful of or allergic to dogs, and also those who are unwilling/unable to handle hygiene matters for dogs. Students may be required to attend an interview before confirming enrolment.


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