Bringing Chinese Culture into the Community through Art Activities

This is a Service-learning course.


The teaching and learning of Chinese culture is always a challenge faced by both local secondary school teachers and learners, yet being a language educator in secondary schools is one of the ideal graduate destinations amongst HKBU students. This course aims to offer our students a General Education capstone learning experience by exploring the essential facets of Chinese culture in the local context through engagement with senior high school working class students (F.4 to F.6), and bringing their interdisciplinary knowledge of Chinese culture as a rich source of cultural/literary/creative/artistic input to the community.


This course will consist of five parts: (I) tackling contemporary issues and future problems in the learning of Chinese culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland secondary school contexts, (II) approaching Chinese culture by using exemplary Chinese texts and related reading materials from a perspective of cultural and literary critique, (III) designing teaching portfolios with the focus of one exemplary text or two based on the findings of the above parts I & II through the application of art activities (performing traditional ritual ceremony, making video clips, role-playing, travel log books, online interactive maps, creative writings, and so on), (IV) providing direct service to local secondary schools, and (V) conducting a self-reflection session at the course Capstone Fair.


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