Be a Friend to People with Intellectual Disabilities

This is a Service-learning course.


The intellectually challenged are individuals with intellectual disabilities. They have less developed or fewer cognitive resources than what should be normal for their age. Intellectual disability is not a mental illness; it is a developmental disorder. Individuals with intellectual disabilities are at risk of being stigmatized due to a lack of understanding on their characteristics. Negative stereotypes and prejudices against them can lead to diminished social relations and inequalities in educational and social opportunities. This course aims to prevent such stigmas by fostering students’ understanding of this group of persons with special needs. The course also aims to heighten students’ awareness of the importance of social inclusion and civic responsibility through advocating care and support for this intellectually less-endowed group. Service-learning activities will include visits to special school/rehabilitation center, planning and organizing of inclusive events, and reflective explorations in discussion and writings; students will get to know the people with intellectual disabilities as individuals first and foremost. Students will be guided to investigate the phenomenon of intellectual disability using an interdisciplinary approach, drawing in knowledge and materials from disciplines including health, psychology, social work and civic education. Through a multitude of course activities, students will reflect on their in-person contact with the people with intellectual disabilities, examine their own biases, and enhance their understanding of social issues related to intellectual disability.


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